30 day emergency food supply

30-day emergency food kit contains 90 packets of just water food with each pouch offering two 1-cup servings. The emergency food needs about 123.5 cups water to hydrate all meals or just under 8 gallons. Most of the meals available can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere – in an emergency, on the trail, and even while you sleep on a sofa. No pots or pans necessary not refrigeration required, and cleaning straightforward; just eat directly from our small cup-shaped pouch. All our food is real food – No TVP No artificial flavors – and you’ll never find soup or beans in our urgent and survival kit.

72 Hour Emergency Food Kit

You need to be ready for any emergency and for when disaster strikes. And when you’re talking about the worst-case scenario, a 72 hour survival kit is the way to go. These kits are usually small enough that they can fit in your car or in your backpack and will provide you with 3 days worth of food, water, and other essentials (including some medical supplies). So what do you get with this kit?

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